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When the White Supremacist TAs Go On to Become Professors …

October 20, 2017

On this topic – Should a Racist Grade Your Papers? Students Discover White Supremacists Teaching at Their Universities, I have the highest credentials to complete the discovery for these brilliant students and the author of this article – these White supremacist TAs discovered by the students will go on to become professors at privileged universities, receive fat salaries, possibly even get married to Asian women …while continuing spewing out their White supremacy theories in their classroom teaching…and then when their theory get a substantial challenge from a student of color, in my case a Chinese graduate student like me, they will retaliate such as observed by this article: grading down your papers, even falsifying grades…etc., to defeat you. And then when you start complaining to university – the university and later the government will join the professor to actually make you a criminal of thought. That will finish your whole life. This is what happened to me, a true story.

This is a story that I, a person of color ended up in jail for my free speech challenging White supremacy. A White professor (David Waterhouse of U of Toronto) taught us in class that beauty is a European concept, and Asians did not have such a concept in history, so we need a “biological approach” in art history study, and call for re-establishing a notorious Nazi theory that has been criticized by some Jewish scholars as significantly promoting race feelings in 1930s. But I disagreed with that and proved to him in my paper that we Asians and all humans did have the concept of beauty in history, so it’s not a White privilege. He then wrote on my paper he had to agree with my findings. Then first Waterhouse mocked me saying “China has been far left behind history, yet some Chinese people are still very keen to claim historical inventions…”, second he retaliated me with fraud over my grade and student record that failed my Ph.D application behind my back. When I discovered and complained about his racist retaliation, he said he could not be racist since he is married to a Japanese woman. And the University officials defended him at my accusation of his Nazi theory saying “That’s his freedom of speech”, and gave me no response to my claim that I also have free speech to challenge White supremacy.

Then when I complained to The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), another White professor got James Cahill of Art History Dept., U of Berkeley, got involved as an expert for a second opinion for my paper that I claimed being graded down for it challenged Waterhouse’ White supremacy theory. I picked him because he was married to a Chinese woman, (his student, 27 years of his junior, his number X wife?) But I didn’t know marrying to a Chinese wife does not change a White supremacist, and Cahill already had problems with his Chinese students previously. Now he seized the chance to retaliate the Chinese to maintain his White supremacy. He graded my paper in line with Waterhouse, and disclosed his unlawful behind door communication with the U of Toronto to provoke my anger for a malicious prosecution plot. Upon his Opinion, the persecution of me started at the Commission.

First the Commission coerced me into testifying my thoughts to the Commission, assuring me under law nothing in my testimony could be used against me, then Commission officer Alan Strojin solicited my thoughts as to “what are you going to do now?” when telling me over the phone that the Commission would dismiss my case on basis of Cahill’s Opinion. I desperately cried and ranted on phone that “if they are going to kill me, not only me die”, they charged me for this testimony for “threatening Waterhouse”. A judge convicted me in total disregard of the Canadian Charter right against self-incrimination, and on his admitted “guessing” that I “meant” to threaten Waterhouse in my mind despite I never even mentioned his name in my ranting. So I have literally become a real “criminal of thoughts” made by Canadian and US governments. Now I have been expelled from employment, from the society, all because of my “criminal record”.  Meanwhile, all the true criminals who committed crimes against me during my struggle go Scot free, being harbored by the criminal justice systems of Canada and USA, such as Alan Strojin, and James Cahill’s perjuries in courts of US and Canadian, and death threats against me by online US government agents, etc.

I’m glad I did a search on White supremacy this morning and saw this article of Roots on the top of the search result. Thanks to the author and the students. Hope the younger generations of students of color will know more about White supremacy, and be prepared.