A free speech irony: CBC censored my free speech story in the comment section of its news story about free speech

CBC,  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster,  censored my free speech story that I posted in the comment section of their news story about free speech. Nowadays the comments are often closed for commenting. And once it is open, my comments will always go through a process of “being moderated by the site administrator”. Often they disabled the content of my comment when it relates to my story of being victim of racism and persecution. This time through, it is particularly ironic because the news story was reporting right about the free speech issue raised in the  M103 controversy.

So much for free speech and  all those people claiming that they object M103 because of free speech -you are not saying one word?

Well at least this time the Canadian government is doing good for M103 that I would applaud. Because the Muslim people are a politically active and powerful people (with many young leaders like MP Iqra Khalid) so that the government cannot ignore and can hardly do bad to you like to me. I admire you, keep fighting on. Victory belongs to those who stand up for themselves. And MP Iqra Khalid, stay strong as always.

— My free speech story that has been censored by CBC:

The so called free speech is only a White privilege in Canada. A person of color might even end up in jail for his/her free speech. My story is the best example. A White professor had the free speech to tell me in class that beauty is a European concept, and Asians did not have such a concept in history, so we need a “biological approach” in art history study. But I did not have the free speech to answer him that we Asians did have the concept of beauty in history, because when I did so I had to pay the price of my whole life. First the professor (David Waterhouse of U of Toronto) mocked me saying “China has been far left behind history, yet some Chinese people are still very keen to claim historical inventions…”, second he retaliated me with fraud over my grade and student record that failed my Ph.D application. Then when I complained to The Ontario human rights commission, first the Commission coerced me into testifying my thoughts to the Commission, assuring me under law nothing in my testimony could be used against me, then Commission officer Alan Strojin solicited my thoughts as to “what are you going to do now?” when telling me over the phone that the Commission would dismiss my case on basis of an Expert’s Opinion by a White professor, James Cahill of U of Berkeley, and then when I desperately cried and ranted on phone that “if they are going to kill me, not only me die”, they charged me for this testimony for “threatening Waterhouse”. Judge Knazan convicted me in total disregard of the Canadian Charter right against self-incrimination, and on his admitted “guessing” that I “meant” to threaten Waterhouse in my mind despite I never even mentioned his name in my ranting. So I have literally become a real “criminal of thoughts” made by Canadian and US governments. Now I have been expelled from employment, from the society, all because of my “criminal record”. This is a real “free speech” story.


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