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My posts on Google+ and Facebook are quietly disappearing!

December 25, 2015

My posts on Google+ and Facebook are quietly disappearing! The ones that I posted on Google+ prior to July of 2015 have already completely gone, while the ones I posted on Facebook only dated back to May 2015. All the older posts that I had been posting for years are gone. Facebook and Google+ are censoring my posts since long time ago, but still completely erasing all my posts is really bold. They teared up their veils of “free speech”, “Internet freedom”, etc. All because I have been posting about my story of being racially persecuted by governments of Canada and US. 

My story: Just because I disputed a White professor’s theory that “beautiful” is a European concept and other peoples learned to appreciate “beautiful” from the Europeans, did I end up a criminal of thoughts – being charged for a crime of “threat” the government forced me to commit, arrested 3 times, imprisoned for 8 days, convicted for threatening the White professor in my mind, lost all jobs, unemployed since, barred from Internet speaking even by the US and Canadian governments. Yes, all these happened in Canada and US. And the UN’s so called “human rights bodies” refuses to hear my complaints.