“neither america nor canada is afraid of ‘disappearing’ people”, Sandra Bland?

I began to believe it’s real that “neither america nor canada is afraid of ‘disappearing’ people who hey think actually pose a threat to them.” This is what I received when I was posting on Yahoo message board about my story of being racially persecuted by Canada and US governments. It states so in such a certainty and such an open and blatant way, that I am sure the poster must be a government insider. It further explained why I am still alive – “So the fact that you are here and not gitmo, some yukon cell, or six feet under ALONE should tell you that they jut don’t give a damn about what you think.”

I think this explanation is quite convincing, because, although I’ve been fighting against government of Canada and US all these 20 years for their racial persecution on me, as a member of the Asian community that is weak, selfish and divided, my fight has never had impact on anything. It’s been merely my own personal struggle, in court processes, in posting some brief messages to message boards, etc. But Sandra Bland is certainly different from me. She as a Black activist, together with the powerful Black community that is united and courageous in struggle for justice, the impact of her fighting would be enormous. So enormous that it can be viewed as posing an “actual threat”, and so they would make her “suicide”, in stead of “disappeared”.

#Sandra Bland


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