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How I was criminalized for thought by the racist justice system

November 30, 2014

I believe that Michael Brown was wrongfully shot, because I know from my own experience that the criminal justice system is racist and brutal. How many racial minorities have been the victims of the American and Canadian justice systems? So many of the innocent minorities have been shot dead or turned into criminals.

I, for one, was criminalized when I was a graduate student at University of Toronto. My alleged crime of threats to a White professor was my words: “If they are going to kill me, I’m going to kill them, too.” which was my testimony before the Ontario Human Right Commission. To my argument that this was conditional and my right to self-defence, judge Knazan who convicted me said conditional threat was still a threat. I argued I never mentioned the U of T White professor David Waterhouse’s name, Knazan said he could “guess” that I “meant” Waterhouse in my mind. So I became a criminal just for my thoughts in my mind, and on basis of a judge’s guess. I further contested that my testimony was at the Commission, in reply to its questioning, and the Commission forced me to testify initially when I rejected, so under Canadian Charter of Rights, I have the right against self-incrimination, not to be prosecuted for my testimony. But Knazan said that law could not apply to my case, no reason provided as to why.

All of these happened to me only because I had academically proved to the White professor Waterhouse that the concept of beauty was not only a “European concept” in history as in his view point, but Asians and other people of colors all had it, and complained to a human rights tribunal against the professor’s unlawful retaliations.


UN hears Michael Brown complaint, & my experience with UN

November 13, 2014

It is a great news that Michael Brown’s parents Today are speaking at the UN.

Well, at least the victimized Black people would have a chance to speak at UN on the US’ human rights violations. The other “silent minorities” with no political power will have no chance to have their voice heard at UN.

The UN #HumanRights bodies only selectively hear human rights complainants’ voice on political considerations. An example: while vigorously hearing the human rights complaints from the #Chinese against #China, these #UN bodies turn away human rights complaints from the same Chinese against the Western countries like #USA, #Canada, etc. to cover up for these countries. I know at least 3 Chinese in US and Canada who brought human rights complaints to UN against the US and #Canadian governments, but all of their complaints were turned a blank eye on by the UN.

My experience with UN probably is the most dramatic. In 2004, The Office of “High Commissioner for Human Rights” (HCHR) of UN, then headed by Louise Arbour, a former judge of Supreme Court of Canada, seized all the complaints I sent to UN’s various human rights bodies, and returned them to me, in violation of the UN’s human rights complaint procedures. I then brought a Complaint against this HCHR and the Secretary of the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Markus Schmidt to the President of UN General Assembly. But my Complaint was transferred back to the HCHR by Secretary of the President’s Office, Tony Gallagher of the USA, without consulting with any officials of the President’s Cabinet.

When I protested to the HCHR on grounds of conflict of interests, “Secretary” of the Human Rights Committee, Mr. Markus Schmidt called me and told me that he was “assigned” to my case by the HCHR, and “you don’t expect this Office will assist you”. Please see the letters that I wrote to the HCHR for details.

Obviously the UN’s human rights bodies are not accessible to people like me, whose human rights complaints are against the Western powers and who do not belong to a politically powerful and active ethnic groups such as the Blacks.

Will Ferguson Grand Jury be fair?

November 8, 2014

It is widely anticipated that the Ferguson Grand Jury will likely decide against an indictment in Michael Brown’s killing. Although I still have hope for justice, I would not really trust grand juries to be fair.

I can tell you from my own experience that the US so called grand jury is not really an “independent” decision maker, the real decision maker is the state prosecutor, who through the chair person of the grand jury, controls the grand jury.

Years ago, I presented my case to a grand jury in San Francisco, California, requesting indictment against a U of Berkeley White professor who committed perjury in my human rights case – James Cahill, together with a number of state and federal court officials including judges who committed felony crimes on my case including falsifying court documents etc.

The then Acting Chairperson of the Grand Jury sent me a letter stating that he made a decision, no bill, no indictment. He honestly told me that was his personal decision after consulting with “the authority”. So it was his “personal” decision, not that of the grand jurors. By law, the grand jury is supposed to make decisions by votes of ALL jurors, but the Acting Chairperson in my case made decision acting alone without other jurors’ participation. And who is the “authority”? Of course the state prosecutor.

I believe, they would not dare to do the same to Black people in #Fergusince the Black people are very politically powerful. But they certainly would “influence” the jurors.

#humanrights #law 

US gov’s attempt to put a prior restraint on media report on Ferguson

November 6, 2014

#Ferguson #humanrights

The US gov at least tried to put a prior restraint on media reporting on Ferguson, aiming at cover up on what the US gov does not want the public to know. They always perpetrate human rights violations behind closed doors. For Ferguson, the media seems not cooperating with the gov to cover up, I believe it’s only because the Black people’s political power is very strong. If not so, the media will willfully join the gov to cover up rights violations, and even by way of setting up prior restraint on those who speak out the truth.

Because I personally experienced the prior restraint of my speech by the US and Canadian major media. Years ago, I went to CNN’s Website to leave messages in the news report comments (including the so called citizen journalism – iReport), revealing the US and Canadian gov brutal racial persecutions on me. However, whenever my name or the key words of my story appeared, my messages would disappear, never show up. But without my name or the key words of my story, my messages would show up as normal. That was the very first time I ever visited CNN’s site. But they had already set up an auto filter to filter out my story. And CNN was not the only one doing so to me, so did other media. How did they know me?

That was a prior restraint. And the cover up of my voice is not only done by all the media, but by the US & Canadian governments themselves, directly. The most ironic is that my post was censored by the US Department of State, on its own official site. This is the very Dept of State that regularly teaches all other people especially the US deemed foes about “freedom of speech” “human rights”, minority equality rights….

I sued the US gov including the Dept. of State and the media in federal court. The court ruled that the private media are not “government actors” so not liable for violating my free speech rights; as for the real “government actors” like the Department of State, they are “immune” from lawsuits so can’t be held liable for the violation either. So for my right to free speech, “private sectors” are not responsible, “Government actors” are not sueable. As a legal principle, if a right is not enforceable, it is not a right. So I do not have any human rights at all in US and Canada, LEGALLY.


Being racially persecuted by the US and Canada are not only Blacks, but also other racial minorities like me, a Chinese. I successfully challenged a White supremacy theory at University of Toronto, got retaliated, complained to a human rights commission, the commission forced me to testify under the testimony requirement of Canadian law. I was then charged and convicted for my testimony for “threats”, contrary to the testimony immunity provided by that law. The Commission did so in conspiracy with the U of T, and U of California. I lost everything in life for it. Then the civil courts in US and Canada joined the oppression, covered up all the true crimes against me. Google my name. If I were as powerful as the Blacks, I would do the same!