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My human rights case site has been blocked

May 24, 2010

My Web site has been blocked by the host site. This is so called American “freedom of speech”. The following is a revised version of the site summary:


In 1991, as a Master student, I challenged a White professor Waterhouse’s White supremacy theory that beauty is a European concept and Asians did not have the concept in history. He lost and retaliated against me through a series of fraud and violations of the university rules. I complained to the University but was retaliated with a wrongful dismissal from my cafeteria position, causing me the loss of life’s means. I complained to the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the OHRC). At first I declined to answer some of the Commission’s questions, but the OHRC compelled me to testify “everything true”, and offered me an unconditional confidentiality guaranty.  Then the OHRC officer Strojin, knowing my devastation for the loss of surviving resources and later for the overt racist oppressions organized by the OHRC itself and joined  by US government agent University of California at Berkeley professor James Cahill, repeatedly asked me to testify my state of mind as to that what I would do if my case couldn’t be resolved at the Commission, and then used my devastative ranting “If I die, not only me, die” in my testimony to inform the U of T behind my back that I made  “death threats to Waterhouse”, causing a first count of criminal charge of “Uttering Death Threat to Waterhouse” laid against me. When I inquired about if the OHRC had breached its confidentiality guaranty to me, Strojin denied and lied to me that it was someone at the U of T who did something. The wrongful criminal charge and Strojin’s deception further provoked my rage and my rant. Strojin again informed the U of T, causing the second count of same charge laid against me. I was later convicted by a judge. My human rights complaint was dismissed by the OHRC during the criminal prosecution process.

This is a Fascist racial persecution because I was unlawfully prosecuted and convicted. First, if what I testified were a crime, it was not me but the Canadian government and its witness compellability laws to cause it to happen, for the alleged threats would have never occurred but for the government’s compulsion on me to testify my thoughts. As by compelling me to testify my state of mind, the government transformed my thoughts into act – spoken words. Without these words, my desperate thoughts could have never become known to others and got alleged as threats. Since no one can be punished for thinking criminal thoughts at law, and no one can be punished for lawfully complying with the government’s requirements and its witness compellability laws to testify one’s thoughts, I have no any criminal liability. Yet the government prosecuted me for the crime procured by its own self. Second, the alleged threats never actually happened since my rantings were merely radomly made in which Whaterhouse was never referred to, yet the court convicted me for a guessing that I “meant Waterhouse”. Third, I never had intention to threaten Waterhouse for because of the OHRC’s “confidentiality rule”, I never expected that Waterhouse would know my words at the OHRC and get threatened. This was a bogus criminal prosecution that has grossly deprived my basic human rights – right to security of person and freedom, and right against self-incrimination, (testimony use immunity and derivative use immunity, etc.) guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In the meantime, all the American and Canadian White perpetrators and their accomplices who committed felony crimes against me got away Scot Free from their criminal liabilities. These crimes include: perjuries committed by the American government agent James Cahill; perjuries committed by the OHRC officer Alan Strojin at my criminal trial; forgery of court document and criminal fraud committed by US District Court judges Saundra Brown Armstrong and Phyllis Hamilton; death threats, threats of government forced disappearance against me made by an American government agent on Internet Yahoo newsgroups; forgery of court document committed by a California Superior Court Supervisor Maura Ramirez; etc. Despite that all these crimes are proven on written documents, the both governments and the government controlled the so-called “grand jury” have refused to prosecute them.

I filed civil suits in civil courts of Canada and US against the racial persecution. But all my cases have been dismissed and I have been unlawfully barred from access to court by court order in Canada, forbidding me to file any civil suits. The US federal court dismissed

my claims either without even any adjudication, or on basis of “procedural defects” that were created by the judges and clerks through their conspired criminal forgery, fraud, and open violation of the procedural rules in order to avoid dismissing my claims on their merits which are too indisputable to be denied without appearing outrageously unlawful. Even the US’s highest court would commit unlawful and fraudulent act to sanction the lower courts’ conducts. The same happened in California State court, and I have been partially barred from filing suits in state courts.  

All of these are done under a tight government organized cover-up. All the major American media refuse to publish my story, and some of them, such as CNN, even conspired with the US government to unlawfully set up secret automatic filters to filter out any information on my case on their web sites to ban my own publication attempts.  

Further more, those so-called “human rights groups” such as the “Human Rights Watch”, “Amnesty International”, etc. ignored my request for investigation, and the cover ups have expanded to the United Nations where the then Office of “High Commissioner for Human Rights” of UN, headed by Louise Arbour, a former judge of Supreme Court of Canada, seized all the complaints I sent to UN’s human rights bodies, in violation of the UN’s human rights complaint procedures. My story is the best illustration of hypocrite and racist nature of the “Western democracy and freedom”.