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How UNLAWFUL is the Supreme Court of the United States?

October 29, 2008

Now the highest court of US: Supreme Court of the United States, has shown the true face of “American justice”. After I fought for my right to file petition in the Spreme Court, the court accepted my filing. Then in December of 2007, the Supreme Court issued order, dismissing my petition.


By denying my petition, the US Supreme Court has blatantly violated the law of the US. Because by doing so the court endorsed that:


1) In US, a court is allowed to terminate a litigant’s claims without any adjudication on the merits of the claims and even without ever addressing the merits. This means the denial of a basic human rights – the rights to access to court, to have an issue heard and adjudicated by the court.


2) A judge of the US court has jurisdiction to dismiss an action with prejudice after the action has already been voluntarily dismissed without prejudice by the complainant and the dismissal has already been filed by court pursuant to rules of the court. this is contrary to the Rules that gives a litigant the right to voluntarily dismiss his own action and retain the right to file it again.


3) A court clerk’s act of forging a court summons, filing it in court and issuing it to a litigant is within the clerk’s jurisdiction so that she is protected by quasi-judicial



People of the world, wake up and see the true face of “justice”, “democracy”, “human rights” of the United States!