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A Chinese proof: racial inequality in justice system

September 29, 2007

This is a Chinese proof of the racial inequality in US and Canadian justice systems.

I am a Chinese in Canada, but I am having experience with criminal justice similar to that of Jena 6 in both Canada and US – I challenged the White supremacy in an university, being retaliated against, complaints dismissed, got set up for criminal prosecution, convicted by a judge, and meanwhile all the American and Canadian Whites and their accomplices who committed true crimes against me got away Scott free from their criminal liabilities.

The Jena 6’s case and my case together have provided a live example of racial inequality in criminal justice. Just pick the issue on crime of “threats” from the both cases:

When a White person gets mad at a colored person, in public, to his face, calls to lynch him or to make him disappear, the government says it is not a crime, because either the White person did not have any violent acts, or he should have his right to free speech. But when it is the other way around, a colored person gets mad at a White person, and says “Then I’m going to die, and not only me, die”, in a government guaranteed secrecy, in reply to the government’s inquiry, the government finds him guilty for crime of threat, because, although you didn’t specify any person, you must have had that White person on your mind, so you meant to threaten him. And the government now does not hold out the “no violence” test or the “free speech” test. Clearly, there are two sets of laws, and the difference is based on color. Personally, I have never seen a White got charged and convicted for making “threats” to a colored person, although there have been quite few well-known cases in Chinese community of Canada where the Whites made death threats to the Chinese. In all these cases, the law enforcement authorities have been always only “investigating” those threats, not even one charge ever been issued.

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(Revised on Sept. 29, 2007)


[I] The selective prosecution on grounds of race by the Canadian and American criminal justice systems that convicted me for a bogus crime yet refuse to prosecute the Whites and their accomplices for their felony crimes committed against me.
[II ]The conspiracy of Ontario government human rights commission, the University of Toronto and a University of California professor to set me up for prosecution on the fabricated crime to suppress my pursuit of my human rights complaint at the commission.
[ III ] The infringement of my right to academic freedom by the White professor’s racial reprisal harassment for my challenge against his White supremacy theory and by the racial persecution on me to cover up for him by the US and Canadian governments.
[IV] I am completely barred from access to court in Canada by court order and partly in California of US for my civil rights cases against the both governments and the courts denied all my due process rights.
[V ] Canadian and US governments’s cover up these gross human rights abuses at United Nations.


 The racial persecution on me started because I challenged an academic theory of a White professor, David Waterhouse of the University of Toronto (U of T) that “the concept of beauty” is a “European concept”. After Waterhouse acknowledged his loss of argument to me, he retaliated against me with fraud on my grades, etc. When I complained, another White professor, James Cahill of the University of California at Berkeley and the Canadian government came in his aid to cover up the fraud and his racial prejudice in his theory for him. Together they conspired a criminal prosecution on me in that I was set up by en entrapment for a bogus charge of “uttering death threat” to threaten Waterhouse at the Ontario Human Rights Commission (the OHRC). It was a fabricated crime plotted by an entrapment using the “confidentiality rule” of the OHRC, and despite that the Canadian Charter of Rights provides that testimonies before a tribunal cannot be used as evidence to incriminate any one, I was incriminated and finally convicted by a judge.

In the meantime, all the American and Canadian White perpetrators and their accomplices who committed felony crimes against me got away Scott Free from their criminal liabilities. These crimes include: in US – perjuries committed by Cahill in a US federal court where I had a civil rights action against him; forgery of court document committed by a California Superior Court Supervisor Maura Ramirez; and death threats, threats of forced disappearance on Internet Yahoo newsgroups against me by an American, and in Canada, perjuries committed by the OHRC officer Alan Strojin at my criminal trial, etc. Despite that all these crimes are all proven on written documents, and all the facts so accurately match the descriptions of these offenses by the criminal laws of the US and Canada, the FBI and the US Department of Justice, the California San Francisco Police Department, the District Attorney, all refused to investigate my complaints. In California, even the Grand Jury is in the tight control of the government, in that the Foreman was picked by the court, and the foreman controls what the other Grand Jurors would know, (in violation of California and US constitutions that provide a grand jury can only decide on a complaint as a whole by votes), and so the Foreman just simply made a personal decision not to investigate my complaint.

The same with the California state court and US federal court, there is NO LAW for me. Some of my claims were simply dismissed without even ever being an adjudicated on, and others were dismissed on blatant violations of laws. In Canada, I have already been unlawfully barred from access to court by court order, and all my due process rights were literally denied by courts, in that I was not even allowed to oppose the defendants of my civil rights cases – to argue with them in anyway the law provides. I have to publish my story on the Internet since virtually all Canadian and U.S. main stream media declined to publish my story, and all those so-called “human rights groups” such as the “Human Rights Watch”, etc. ignored my request for investigation.Further more, the cover ups for Canada and US have expanded to the United Nations so that my access to international human rights community has also been blocked by Canada and US. As the Office of “High Commissioner for Human Rights” of UN, headed by Louise Arbour, a former judge of Supreme Court of Canada, seized all the complaints I sent to UN’s human rights bodies, in violation of the UN’s human rights complaint procedures. It is a best illustration of hypocrisy of the “Western democracy and freedom”.

To find the most recent events of my criminal cases in US, follow these links (scanned evidences of the crimes against me can be found on my Website):

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